Recently Read #01

We did mention in our last post (To Be Read or Not to Be Read) that we would start to add a few short, mid-month, posts to our blog titled ‘Currently Reading’ and ‘Recently Read’. So here is our first one, courtesy of Loz.

“Recently, I have read the ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children Trilogy (I’m actually a third of the way through the final novel ‘The Library of Souls’, at the time of writing this, so you can’t get overly spoiled because I’m not there myself yet).

Anyone who’s chanced to look at the link on the TBR post can see a regularly updated list of what I have chosen to read and when. So why, I hear you ask yourselves, have I chosen to talk first about a short series of young adult novels? Answer: Because they’re bloody brilliant!

Jacob Portman, the teen protagonist of the story, goes essentially undescribed and undocumented, to give you the chance to truly inhabit his story, while throughout the rest of the novels, historical found photos, some altered some not give you actual pictures of who he meets and what he has to live through. And a lot of them are creepy AF. A brilliant and engaging tale, which I know I already hate is only three books long, with a style that happily nods to Narnia and Wonderland, to Python while still being firmly rooted in the modern. I adore them, and would happily tell adults and older children, as even I winced at some of the violence, to try. Self discovery, appreciation of elders as actual people, strong and sensible women, young love and more than one good punch up. Read them! (and yes I know there is a fourth book but it supports rather than continues canon so I’m still grumpy).”

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